A new Horizon in Public Sector Micro-finance.

Performance of ongoing  micro-credit programs, has encouraged the Bank authority to undertake a new product. "Ghoroa Prokalpa" which is a package of facilities offered to the rural people with a view to empower rural people, generate income, create employment and retain them in the rural areas.

This diversified micro-credit program has  been launched on 25th July 2000.

Main Objectives:

  1. bullet Accelerate growth of rural economy through income generating activities.
  2. bullet Accommodating maximum rural dwellers in production/income generating activities.
  3. bullet Making each household a "Production Farm".
  4. bullet Attempt to empower rural poor people in a cluster of family.

  5. bullet Making rural branches sustainable.

Important Features :

  1. bullet Fulfil the entire credit need of each family.
  2. bullet Loan without guarantee/collateral security up to TK. 40,000/= (around US$ 750).
  3. bullet Savings opportunity at a higher interest rate.
  4. bullet Encouragement for afforestation.
  5. bullet Incentive to bank personnel for satisfactory performance.
  6. bullet Delegating requisite sanctioning power to grass-root  level.
  7. bullet Provision for linkage with NGO in some selected outlet.