NRB GIFT CHEQUE, a newly introduced product of Janata Bank Limited.

Bangladeshi nationals residing abroad often desire to offer gift on the occasion of their relatives birth day,marraige ceremony, marriage day etc. But his intention may not be materialized due to non-availability of reliable representative from residing abroad. In this case he/she can authorise Janata Bank Limited to do this job on his/her behalf. Janata Bank Limited has introduced "NRB GIFT CHEQUE" for the Non-Resident Bangladeshis for fulfillment of their desires to offer gift to any occasion of their dear ones at home.

Expatriate Bangladeshis desiring to offer gift in any occasion of their relatives may apply to purchase NRB Gift Cheque in US Dollar from any Authorized Dealer branches of Janata Bank Limited mentioning name of beneficiary, address, date and place of occasion. On receipt of such application from the expatriates the respective AD branch of Janata Bank Limited will issue NRB Gift Cheque and arrange to send the same to the beneficiary on the date, time and place as desired by the applicant.

Denomination of NRB Gift Cheque:
NRB Gift Cheque may be purchased for denomination of USD 50, 100, 200 and 500 or any multiple of these amounts. NRB Gift Cheque will be issued against the written request of the expatriate Bangladeshis by debiting their F/c Account maintained with the concerned branch or against the cash Foreign Currency brought with them while returning home.

Encashment of NRB Gift Cheque:
NRB Gift Cheques are encashable in Taka at any authorised dealer branch of Janata Bank Limited at the prevailed approved exchange rate.

Expatriate Bangladeshis are requested to offer gift in "NRB Gift Cheque" of Janata Bank Limited on the occasion of their dear ones birth day, marriage ceremony, marriage day and other occasions.