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Besides normal banking operation, Janata Bank Limited offers special services to a large number of clients/agencies throughout the country. Under the network of utility service, customers of different govt. organizations, corporate bodies, local bodies, educational institutions, students, etc are continuously getting benefits from the Bank.  

 Janata Bank Limited's utility services  are :  

   Bills Collection:

  1. Gas bills of Titas, Bakhrabad and  Jalalabad Gas Transmission and Distribution Companies.

  2. Electricity bills of Dhaka Electricity Supply Authority, Dhaka Electricity Company, Bangladesh Power Development Board and Rural Electrification Board.

  3. Telephone bills of Telegraph and Telephone Board.

  4. Water/Sewerage bills of Water and Sewerage Authority.

  5. Municipal holding tax of City Corporation/Municipalities.

  6. A pilot scheme is underway to provide personalized services to our clients.

   Payments made on behalf of Govt. to:

  1. Non- Govt. teachers salaries

  2. Girl Students scholarship/stipend & Primary Student Stipend.

  3. Army pension

  4. Widows , divorcees and destitute Women Allowances

  5. Old-age Allowances

  6. Food procurement Bills

    Issuance of Television License: The only Bank providing this service in Bangladesh.


As per decision of the govt. 46 (Forty Six) branches of our bank (40 branches in Dhaka city, 1(one) branch in N.gonj city and 5(five) branches in Chittagong city) are involved to receive the all utility bills in a same station from January'04.

The designated branches are:-

1. Dhaka city  
2. Narayangonj  
3. Chittagong city  


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