Janata Bank Limited has a network of 906 domestic branches in Bangladesh covering whole of the country including the rural areas.

Remittance services are available at all branches and foreign remittances may be sent to any branch by the remitters favoring their beneficiaries.

Remittances are credited to the account of beneficiaries instantly or within shortest possible time. 

Janata Bank Limited has correspondent banking relationship with all major banks & exchange houses located in almost all the countries/cities. Expatriate Bangladeshis may send their hard earned foreign currencies through those banks & exchange houses or may contact any renowned banks nearby ( where they reside/work) to send their money to their dear ones in Bangladesh.

"To resolve the foreign remittance related problem/complain/enquiry, Janata Bank Limited has a 'Complain cell' at its Overseas Banking Division, Head Office, Dhaka. All Concerned are requested to contact at the following address to resolve any problem related to foreign Remittance."

Deputy General Manager
Overseas Banking Department
Janata Bank Limited
Head Office
110 Motijheel C/A.

Phone: 880-2-9566443
Fax:     880-2-9564644
E-Mail: obdfrc@janatabank-bd.com

To facilitate sending money in Bangladeshi Taka directly, Janata Bank Limited has Taka Drawing Arrangement with many banks/exchange companies in different countries. The expatriate Bangladeshis may send their money in BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) through the branches/subsidiaries of Janata Bank Limited and foreign banks/exchange companies mentioned below:

1. Janata Bank Limited, Abu Dhabi Branch
Obied Sayah Al-Mansuri Building,
PO Box 2630, Electra Road, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Tel: (971-2)6344542,6331400,
Fax: (971-2)6348749,
Telex: 22402 JANBANK EM. 
E-mail : jbadas@emirates.net.ae 
2. Janata Bank Limited, Dubai Branch
Baniyas Complex( Naser Squar), Al Maktoum Hospital Road,
Deira, PO Box 3342, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: (971-4) 2223360,2281442,
Fax:(971-4) 2246023,
Telex: 46237 JANATA EM,
E-mail: jbdxbb@emirates.net.ae
3. Janata Bank Limited, Al Ain Branch
Sheikh Khalifa Bin Mammad Al- Nahyan Building,
PO Box 1107, Main Market Center, Main Street, Al-Ain, UAE.
Tel: (971-3) 7513425,7644425,
Fax:(971-3) 7644475,
Telex: 69525 JANATA EM
E-mail: jbaln@emirates.net.ae 
4. Janata Bank Limited, Sharjah Branch
Saqer Bin Rashid, Al-Quassim Building
PO Box 5303, Al Shaiheen Street, Sharjah, UAE.
Tel: (971-6) 5357032
Fax: 00(971-6) 5379846,
Telex: 68316 JANATA EM
e-MAIL: jbshj@emirates.net.ae

                       ( A 100% owned subsidiary company of Janata Bank Limited)

Janata Exchange Company Srl
Rome Office
Apartment # 1, First Floor
31, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II
00185 Rome, Italy
Tel : 00(39-06) 4434 1389
Fax : 00(39-06) 490886
E-mail:  janataexchange@libero.it

Janata Exchange Company Srl
Milan Branch
Via Lodovico Settala 19
20124 Milan, Italy
Tel : 00(39-02) 2953-3608
E-mail:  janataexchange@libero.it

Janata Exchange Company Inc. USA
37-18,73 rd Street
Suit no 1R 1st floor
Jackson Heights NY - 11372, USA
Tel : +1-7185058555
Fax: +1-718505550
E-mail: remit-usa@janataexchange.com

Expatriate Bangladeshis in Italy are requested to contact above address for speedy and secured remittance in Bangladesh.

JEC sends money from Rome through Electronic Fund Transfer ( EFT ) system by which Beneficiaries at Dhaka city get remittances on the next working day of remittances from Rome & Milan. Beneficiaries at other 63 District  towns & other locations where courier services are available get remittances on the 2nd working days of remittances from Rome & Milan. The beneficiaries, who are maintaining accounts with other Janata Bank Limited branches in Bangladesh, will be able to withdraw money within 1 to 3 days of sending remittances.

Relatives and Beneficiaries of Expatriate Bangladeshis may contact any office of Janata Bank Limited or the address stated below for details:

Foreign Banks/Exchange Companies with whom Janata Bank Limited Maintains Taka Drawing Arrangement:
Click for Details-jb.com.bd/International Trade/Taka Drawing Arrangement
01. Kuwait Bahrain International Exchange Company K.S.C 
Head Office, Essa Al Othman Bldg., Shuhada Street, Murqab, P.O. Box No, 26926, Safat
13130, Kuwait Tel: 00(965) 22421971,22421973, 22455835, 22455836, Fax: 00(965)22421852, 22431000
Telex: 23661, 31333 kbiexkt
E-mail:< kbiex@qualitynet.net >, kbiec@hotmail.com, kbiec@yahoo.com
(Branches all over Kuwait)
02. Bahrain Exchange Company WLL.
Head Office, Al Hilal Street, Murghab, PO Box 29149, Safat 13152, Kuwait. Tel: +965-22468729, 2824000
Fax: 00(965) 2401859 Telex: 31136 baexco kt
E-mail: baexco@bec.com.kw, titus@bec.com.kw, infobangla@bec.com.kw
(Branches all over Kuwait)

Note: The Company  provides door to door remittance service in Bangladesh.

03.  Oman Exchange Company Ltd
Head Office,PO Box 26057, Safat 13121, Kuwait, Tel: =965-22425650, 22425651, 22434490, 22403215,
Fax: 00(965) 22426703, Telex: 44344/44646 OMEXCO KT. E-mail: hasawi@omanexchange.com, omanexchangewll@hotmail.com
(Branches all over Kuwait) 
04.  Al Muzaini Exchange Co. KSCC  
Head Office, Al Mubarakiya, Saud Ben Abdul Al Aziz Street, P O Box- 2156, Safat 13022, Kuwait.
Tel: +965-22461135, Fax: 00(965)22418517, 22451800 & +965-22430701 Telex: 22129 almuzaini kt
E-mail: customerservice@muzaini.com , cs@muzaini.com, rao@muzaini.com                                                       
(Branches all over Kuwait)

05.  City International Exchange Co. WLL 
 Head Office, Abdullah Dashti Building, Abdullah Mubarak Street,  Murgab, PO Box 21804,
Safat 13079, Kuwait. Tel:
00(965) 2448507, 2441845, 2441846, Fax: 00(965)2407371,
Telex: 44167 CITEX KT,
E-mails:  citexkuwait@yahoo.com , citexho@cityinternationalexchange.com                                       
(Branches all over Kuwait)
06.  Dollarco Exchange Co. Ltd.
Central Office, Sulaiman Mansoor Building, Al -Hilali Street, Murqub, PO Box-26270 ,Safat,  13123, Kuwait.  Tel : +965-22412767, 22454713,
Fax : 00(965) 22412788, E-mail: dollarco@qualitynet.net, dollarco@dollarco.com.kw  
(Branches all over Kuwait)
07.  Al Mulla International Exchange Co. WLL
Block 10, Ahmad Al Saleh & Sons Bldg.
PO Box 177, Safat 13002, Kuwait.
Tel: 00(965) 22445040, 22411481, 22411483, 22463220, 22463221,22410386, 22410385; Fax: 00(965) 22410708 & +965-22410385 Telex: 22012 AL MULLA KT,
E-mail: <clsubra@almullagroup.com> ; hormuzda@almullagroup.com, exch-treasury@almullagroup.com
Website: www.almullagroup.com 

(Branches all over Kuwait)
08. U.A.E. Exchange Center  W.L.L.
PO Box 26155
Safat 13122, Kuwait
Tel: 00(965) 22450852, 22450853, 22421157; Fax:00(965)22450855, Telex:23110 UAEEXCH KT
(Branches all over Kuwait) E-mail: kuwait.ho@uaeexchange.com.kw, admin@uaeexchange.com.kw
09. Kuwait Asian International Exchange Co. W. L. L.
P.O. Box: 46489, Fahaheel,  Kuwait
Tel: (965) 23910511 / 23910522, Fax: (965) 2391 0515
E-mail: kuaiexmain@gmail.com
10.  Bahrain Financing Company B. S. C. 
Head Office, Bab Al Bahrain Bldg. Bldg. # 150, Road # 1507, Manama, PO Box 243, Manama, Bahrain. Tel: 00(973) 17228888, Fax: 00(973) 17223495, 
Telex: 8416 BFC BN E-mail: custservice@bfc.com.bh
(Branches all over Bahrain)
11.  Dalil Exchange
Head Office, Al -Noor Building, Shop # 151, Govt. Road, PO Box: 20404, Manama, Bahrain.
Tel: 00(973) 17223464, 225997, Fax: 00(973) 17213731, 00-93-17215392
Telex: 7667 dalil bn, E-mail: <dalilint@batelco.com.bh
(Branches all over Bahrain)
12.  Zenj Exchange Co. WLL
Head Office, PO Box 236, Manama, Bahrain, Tel: 00(973) 17224352
Fax: 00(973) 17214405, Telex: 8478 ABUL BN E-mail: dalilexchange.bh@gmail.com
(Branches all over Bahrain)

13. National Finance & Exchange Co. W.L.L.
PO Box 360
Manama, Bahrain
Tel: 00(973) 17227 550, Fax:00(973) 17227 570, Telex:(0490)8615 NAFEX BN
E-mail: nafex@bateleco.com.bh, nafexdeal@batelco.com.bh
(Branches all over Bahrain)
  Sultanate of Oman
14.  Gulf Overseas Exchange Co. LLC
Head Office, PO Box 6931, Ruwi,112, Sultanate of Oman .Tel: 7734182, Fax: 00(968)7730202, Telex: 3643 GOECOMAN ON. E-mail: gulfex@omantel.net.om
(Branches all over Oman)
15.  Oman International Exchange LLC  
( Former Oman- Bangladesh Exchange Co.)
Head Office, PO Box 994, Jabroo, Postal Code 114, Sultanate of Oman Tel: 00(968) 24830893 Fax: 00(968) 24835141, 
Telex: 3291 OBEC ON
E-mail: < obecmct@omantel.net.com>
(Branches all over Oman)
16.  Modern Exchange Co. LLC
Head Office, PO Box 3401, Postal Code 112, Ruwi, Sultanate of Oman .
Tel: 00(968) 2483 2133, Fax: 00(968) 2483-1144 Telex: 3048 MAHFADHA ON
E-mail: <exchange@omantel.net.om
(Branches all over Oman)
17.  Hamdan Exchange 
 Head Office, Hamdan Complex, Sharae Rabaat, PO Box 190, Salalah 211, Dhofar Region, Oman. Tel: 00(968) 24831258, 24831259 Fax: 00(968) 24832644, 24831240 Telex: 7666 HAMDEXCH ON
E-mail: < hamdexch@omantel.net.om>
(Branches all over Oman)
18. Oman & U.A.E Exchange Center & Co. LLC
Head Office, PO Box 1116, Postal Code 131 Al Hamriya, Sultanate of Oman. Tel : 750830, Telex : 3851 OUAEX ON Fax:00(968) 750908;
E-mail:  <omanuaex@omantel.net.om>
(Branches all over Oman)
19. Musandam Exchange
Head Office
PO Box 2155, Postal Code 112, Ruwi
Sultanate of Oman.
Tel : 00 (968) 2483 1852, 2483 4954, Fax: (968) 2483 1154,
Telex : 3880 MUSAND,
E-mail:  musandex@omantel.net.om
(Branches all over Oman)
20. Purshottam Kanji Exchange Co. L.L.C.
PO Box 41 Muscat, Postal Code 113,
Sultanate of Oman.
Tel : 00 (968) 247-12323 / 13338, Fax: (00968) 247 - 12576,
E-mail:  pkexch_ho@yahoo.com, pkexch@omantel.net.om
21.  National Exchange Co.W.L.L
Souq Waqaf, PO Box 6318, Doha-Qatar, Tel: 00 (974) 4323359,4327621, 4312941
Fax: 00 (974) 4412148, Telex:  4770 SHIBI DH, Fax: 00974-4431023
E-mail: <natexcco@qatar.net.qa>, anand@natexcco.com
22. Doha Bank 
Head Office,(Grand Hamad Avenue),PO Box 3818, Doha, Qatar 
Tel: 00(974) 445 6600, Fax: 00(974) 4416631, e-mail: jsakharkar@dohabank.com.qa, ddelcoro@dohabank.com.qa
(Branches all over Qatar)
23.  Union Exchange Co.WLL
PO Box 1643
Mushraib Street, Doha, Qatar
Tel: 00 (974) 4423715/6
Fax: 00 (974) 4423717
E-mail: unionexc@qatar.net.qa
24.  Gulf Exchange Company
PO Box 4847
Doha, Qatar
Tel: 00 (974) 4383222, 4383252 
Fax: 00 (974) 4383258
E-mail: gulfexchange@qatar.net.qa
25.  Abdel Aziz A. Al-Zamil & Sons Exchange Co.
(A. Aziz A. Al-Zamil Co.), Head Office, PO Box 83, King Saud Street, Cross-A, Al-Khobar 31952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,   
Tel:  00(966-3) 899 0215, Fax: 00(966-3) 8954423
E-mails: zamilex@awalnet.net.sa

4 (Four) branches at:

(i) Al-Khobar (Head Office)
King Saud Street, Cross-A, Beside Faisal Travel Agency,
Tel: 00-966-3-8990215 / 899 0598
Fax: 00-966-3-8954423

(ii) Dammam Branch
Dhahran Street, Opposite: Saudi British Bank
Tel: 00-966-3-8311203 / 8320047
Fax: 00-966-3-8311092

(iii) Jubail Branch
Jeddah Street, Opposite: Al-Jazira Bank
Tel: 00-966-3-3610022 / 3611022

(iv) Riyadh Branch
Al-Ras Street, Batha, Riyadh
Tel: (966-01)4122635
Fax: (966-01) 4122673

26.  Arab National Bank
Head Office, PO Box :56921
Riyadh 11564,
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Contact Persons:
(i) Mr. Kazi Sirajul Islam
Service Manager
TeleMoney Bangladesh
Arab National Bank
PO Box 56921
Riyadh 11564, KSA
Tel: 00-966-1-4029000 Ext. 7969
Fax: 00-966-1-4029000 Ext. 3339
E-mail : kaziislam@anb.com.sa

Mr. Abdrabbuh A. Almajhed
Head of  TeleMoney Department
Arab National Bank
PO Box 56921
Riyadh 11564, KSA
Tel: 00-966-1-4029000 Ext. 7969
Fax: 00-966-1-4029000 Ext. 3339
Direct Fax Line: +966 1 2071290
E-mail : Aalmajhed@anb.com.sa

27. Bank Al Bilad
Head Office
P.O. Box 140, Riyadh-11411
Tel: (966-1) 479-8937, 479-8927
Fax: (966-1) 479-8940, 291-9874
E-mail: mabdulhai@bankalbilad.com.sa, tmohammed@bankalbilad.com.sa
28.  U.A.E. Exchange Center LLC
Head Office, Shaikh Hamdan Street, PO Box :170, Abu Dhabi, UAE. 
Tel: 00 (971-2)  632 2166, Fax: (971-2) 6211447, 6312030, Telex: 24130, 
E-mail: <exchange@uaeexchange.comhq@uaeexchange.com, syeedur@uaeexchangebd.com
(Branches all over UAE)
29.  Al Ansari Exchange Est.
Head Office, Amin Tower, Liwa Street, PO Box 325, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Tel: 00 (971-2) 6227888, Fax: (971-2) 6224421, 6227204, 
Telex: 22509, 22924 Ansari EM
E-mail:  <ansariaa@emirates.net.ae>, cservice@alansari.ae, wilson.thomas@alansari.ae  
(Branches all over UAE)
30.  Lari Exchang
Head Office, Saif Bin Darwish Building, Liwa Street, PO Box 988, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Tel: (971-2) 6223225/6/7, Fax: (971-2) 6223220, E-mail: lariuae@lariexchange.com, mohammed.nadimuddin@lariexchange.com
Telex: 23275 LAREX EM
(Branches all over UAE)
31. Al Fardan Exchange
Head Office Al-Amin Towers, Liwa Street
PO Box 498, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Tel: 00 (971-2) 6223222; Fax: 00 (971-2) 6223331, 6221238
Telex: 22461 FARDAN EM, E-mail: <alfex@emirates.net.ae>, customercare@alfardanexchange.com
(Branches all over UAE)
32.  Al Ahalia Money Exchange Bureau
Head Office, Mussafah New Souq, Al Mussafah area
PO Box 2419, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Tel:  (971-2) 627 0004; Fax: (971-2) 626 8858; 
Telex: 22334 AHALEX EM
E-mail: <aebhamdn@emirates.net.ae>
(Branches all over UAE)
33.   Al Rostamani International Exchange Co.
Head Office
PO Box 10072, Dubai, UAE.
Tel: (971-4) 609 8110, 8100; Fax: (971-4) 396 4233, +971-4-6098106 Telex: 47482 TCOOK EM
E-mail: tcaremgt@al-rostamani.co.ae, s.karunakaran@alrostamanigroup.ae, subramaniamvv@alrostamarigroup.ae, caloy.s@alrostamanigroup.ae
(Branches all over UAE)
34.  Habib Exchange Company L.L.C.
Head Office
PO Box 2370
Hamdan Street
Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Tel: (971-2) 6223147,6226616, 627 2316, 627 2318
Fax: (971-2) 6221547, 6225810;
Telex: 24358 HALMEX EM;
E-mail: hecoad@emirates.net.ae
(Branches all over UAE)
35. Wall Street Exchange Center LLC
Head Office (Mezzanine Floor)
Naif Road, Central Building
PO Box 3014, Deira, Dubai, UAE.
Tel      :  00(971-4) 226 9026, 228 4889
Fax     :  00(971-4) 229 1113, 228 6533, 2288540
Telex  : 48313 PIJET EM
E-mail : info@wallstreet-corp.co.ae ,
subramaniam@wsemail.wallstreet-corp.co.ae, hasudhakar@wallstreet.ae, barua@wallstreet.ae
36. Afalah Exchange Company
P. O. Box: 3692, Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
Tel      : +971-2-632 9888, Fax: +971-2-634 6849 
E-mail : afec@emirates.net.ae, skhan@alfalahexchange.ae, shahid.gul@alfalahexchange.ae
37. Al Ghurair Exchange LLP
Management Office
Al Masoud Bulding, 7th Floor 702,
P. O. Box 5530
Dubai, U. A. E.
Tel      : +971 4 222 2955,  Fax: +971-4-227 0839 
E-mail : helm@saraf.ae, asad.ataher@saraf.ae
38.  DBS Bank
Financial Institutions Group
6 Shenton way # 20-08
DBS Building Tower Two
Singapore 068809
Telephone : 00-65-6398-0155
Fax: 00-65-6223-8717, 00-65-6878 3744,
E-mail : dbs@dbs.com, sujoydev@dbs.com, POSBRC2@dbc.com
39. NBL Money Transfer Pte Ltd.
10-A Roberts Lane, (Off Serangoon Road), Singapore 218289
Tel: (65) 629 64440-1, Fax-(65) 639 21444
E-mail: nblmoneytransfer@singnet.com.sg
  South Korea
40.  Woori Bank, Head Office
203 Hoehyon-dong 1-ka, chung-gu
Seuol 100-792
Korea. C.P.O. Box 126
Tel : 82-2-2002-3000
Fax: 82-2-2002-5625/6
SWIFT: HVBKKRSE, Telex: 24611
41. Woori Bank, Dhaka Branch
Navana Tower (14th Floor)
45 Gulshan South Avenue
Gulshan Circle-1, Dhaka-1212
Tel : 88-02-8813270-3, Fax: 88-02-8813274,8813241
E-mail : wbd@wooribank-dhaka-com, robin@wooribank-dhaka.com
42.  Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
Head Office, Menera Maybank,100 Jalan Tun Perak, 50050 Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia, Tel: 00(603) 2308833, Fax: 00(603) 2381279, 20781279, (603) 20702611  00603-2072-3744 Telex: 30438 MA
E-Mail: publicaffairs@maybank.com.my ahlan@maybank.com.my, yongyw@maybank.com.my
(Branches all over Malaysia)
43. IME (M) Sdn Bhd
No.22, Ground Floor
Medan Pasar
5050 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 00-603-20727260, +603-2072 7260 Fax: 00 603 20722 070, + 603-20316135
E-Mail: billytham@imeremit.com, dkhanal@imeremit.com, bipin@imeremit.com
44. NBL Money Transfer Sdn Bhd.
12 & 14, Ground Floor, Jalan Leboh Pudu
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +60-3-20311100, 20322111 Fax: +60-3-20724880
E-mail: nblmoneytransfer@gmail.com
(under fictitous name-PLACID EXPRESS)
Head Office
30-12 30th Avenue#220 Astoria
New York 11102, USA
Tel: 001-718-777-1498
Fax: 001-718-777-1597
E-mail: placid@placid.net
(Branches & Agents all over USA)
46. Western Union Network (France) SAS (Western Union)
100 Summit Avenue,
Montvale, New Jersey 07645, USA,
Facsimile: +1-201 263-6374,
Facsimile: +1-201 263-6384

Western Union Services Singapore Private Limited (Western Union)
Bangladesh Liaison Office
Suvastu Imam Square (5th Floor)
Plot#15, Block # CWS(A)OLD
65, Gulshan Avenue (New)
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
Tel: 01713-047007, 883 1941-2, 8819431-4
47. Trans-Fast Remittance LLC
44, Wall Street, Suit #400
New York, NY 10005, USA
001-212-382-2828, Fax: 001-212-908-1190
E-mail: khairuzzaman.zaman@transfast.com, info@transfast.com
48. Worldlink Money Transfers S.A.
81 Akti Miaouli Str. Piraeus 18538, Greece.
Tel: 30-210-3232844, Fax: 00-30-210-4283 318
E-mail: worldlink@ath.forthnet.gr
49. Eastern Union Remittance & Exchange Ltd.
Head Office, 75 Whitechapel Road,  E1 1DU London, U.K.
Tel: + 44-207-247-4827, Fax: +44-207-392-2053, E-mail: md@easternunion.com.bd, info@easternunion.com.bd

 Expatriate Bangladeshis are requested to avail this facility and thus send their hard earned money to their near and dear ones in Bangladesh through the banking channel.

01.  Bank of Tokyo- Mitsubishi Ltd., Tokyo
Financial Institutions Dept. 
1-3-2 Hongok-cho
Tokyo, 103-0021 Tokyo  Tel: 0081-3-32459222 
Telex: 22220, 22221, 22351 BTMTKY
Fax: (03) 5200 6420 
01.  The Citibank NA, New York
111 Wall Street, 16th Floor,
New York N.Y. 10043 
Telex:  669720 CITIBK UW 
FAX : 1-212-657-3097
02.  American Express Bank LTD, New York
300 Boulevard East Weehauken
New Jersey NJ07087
Telex: WK 62297 AMBANK
(For New York Operations)
Int'l offices: 
Wellington Street, West 
P.O.Box 1, TD Bank Tower MSK 1A2
Tel: (1-416) 982-6160
FAX: (1-418) 3070338
Telex: 06524267/8
03. Standard Chartered Bank, New York 
1 Evertrust Plaza
Suite 1101, 11th Floor
Jersey City
New Jersey 07302 
01.  National West Minster Bank PLC
8th Floor, Drapers Gardens
12, Thrognorton Ave
London EC2 N 2DL, U.K.
Tlx. No. 885361 NWB LDNG, Fax: 020-7920-1617
Tel: 020-7920-5170 
02.   HSBC PLC
International Division/Financial Institution,
PO.Box No. 181
27-32 Poultry London EC2 P2 BX
Tlx. No: 888401 Fax: (44-171) 2604330
Tel: (44-171) 2604556
01.  Deutsche Bank AG
P.O.Box No. 100601
D-60262 Frankfurt,Germany
Telex. 417300, Fax: (49) 69910-33718
Phone: (49) 69910-33698
02.  Commerz Bank AG
Int'l Bank Relations,
Commerze Bank Tower Kaiserpltz
60311, Frankfurt am Main
Tel: 069-13624858,Tlx: 4152430, Fax: 069-1362-4802
01.  Societe Generale
Banking Services Division
Int'l Operations Center
8 Avenue des Olyipiades 94727 Fontenay Sous-Bois Cedex Paris, France
Tel: 0142141160  Fax: 331-42141427 
01.  Banca Intesa Bci SPA, Milan
Head Office International Money Transfer Deptt.
Piazza della Scala 6  P.O. Box No 1181-1279-20100 Milano
Italy. Cable: Dircomit  Ph. 039-02-88501 Fax: 8850-3026
Tlx: 532465, 531111
01.  Bank of Montreal
International Services Center
234, Simcoc St., 3rd Fl.
Toronto, Ontario
Canada MST 174
Telex: 62960
 Tel: 416-867-6633 Fax: 416-867-4598 
01. National Australia Bank Limited
Head Office, 500 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria 3000, Australia, 
Tel: (61-3) 96413609, 86413500, Fax: (61-3) 9641 4929, 86414912 
Telex: 30490, SWIFT: NATA AU 33032
(AllOffices/ Branches all over Australia)
01. Emporiki Bank of Greece S.A.
Head Office
1, Korai Str.
10564 Athens, Greece.
Telex: 0030-210-216545-9
Fax: 0030-210-3210444
(Branches/Offices all over Greece)


  Facilities offered to the remitters   

Commission for issuance of Taka Drafts from our UAE branches has been reduced and refixed from AED 10.00 to AED 4.00 and commission  for issuance of TTs drawn on Bangladesh and payable at any bank branches are re-fixed at AED 12.00 from AED 30.00.

Commission for issuances of Taka drafts at UAE branches has been reduced  irrespective of amount. 
1% interest above the normal savings deposit rate is offered to SB accounts receiving foreign remittance.


Expatriate Bangladeshi Nationals and persons of Bangladesh origin including those having dual nationality  may open non- Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account with any authorized dealer  branches of Janata Bank Limited in Bangladesh for a period of  one month, three months, six months  or twelve months on renewable basis depositing minimum US Dollar 1000/- or Pound Sterling 500/- . The eligible persons may open this account at any time of their return to Bangladesh.

Interest on NFCD Account is applicable on the basis of  Euro currency interest rate which is tax free in Bangladesh. Principal amount including accrued interest  is convertible in local currency as well as repatriable to the account holder abroad . This account may be maintained as long as the account holder desires.

NFCD account opening Forms  are available  with authorized dealer branches of Janata Bank Limited in Bangladesh and  Embassy/ High Commission Offices  of  Bangladesh abroad.

Rules/Procedures for Opening NFCD Account

Resident Foreign Currency Deposit ACCOUNT (RFCD):

Persons ordinarily resident in Bangladesh may open RFCD Accounts with the foreign currencies brought in at the time of their return from abroad. This account may be opened with any authorized dealer branches of Janata Bank Limited in US Dollar and Pound Sterling. Interest is payable if the deposit is maintained for a term of not less than one month and the balance is not less than US Dollar 1000/- and Pound Sterling 500/-. RFCD account may be maintained as long as the account holder desires. Balances of such accounts are repatriable abroad.

Non-Resident Investor's Taka  Account (NITA):

Expatriate Bangladeshis may invest their hard earned money in the Stock Exchange for purchase of Bangladeshi shares and securities. For this purpose, the expatriates may open NITA account with any authorized dealer branches of Janata Bank Limited. Divident earned from shares/securities is tax-free in Bangladesh. Balance of NITA account is repatriable abroad at the prevailing rate of exchange. NITA account may be operated by the nominee. The account holders may nominate Janata Bank Limited to act as nominee also.

Wage Earners Development Bond (WEDB)

Expatriate Bangladeshi  Wage Earners may invest their hard earnings in five years  WEDB  on renewable basis for denomination of Taka 25,000/-, Taka 50,000/-, Taka 100,000/-,Taka 200,000/-, and Taka 500,000/- or any multiple of these amounts at attractive rate (Present rate 12.00% (with effect from 1st July 2010) compoundable in every six months) of interest and the accrued interest is tax  free in Bangladesh.

Principal amount of WEDB is repatriable to the bond holder abroad at the prevailing rate of exchange.

WEDB facilities are available in authorised dealer branches of Janata Bank Limited in Bangladesh and in our four UAE branches.

        Foreign Currency Account Opening Form

US Dollar Investment Bond and US Dollar Premium Bond 

The Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh has introduced US Dollar Investment Bond and US Dollar Premium Bond to facilitate investment of hard -earned foreign currency by the non-resident Bangladeshis.

Eligibility to purchase these Bonds :
Non-resident Bangladeshis are eligible to purchase US Dollar Investment Bond and US Dollar Premium Bond with the foreign currency sent to his F. C. account or with the cheque/draft in foreign currency (after collection of cheque/draft).

Facilities of US Dollar Investment Bond :
i) Period : 3(three) years.
ii) Rate of Interest : a. On completion of 3 years (full term) -6.5%
                            b. On completion of 2 years - 6%
                            c. On completion of 1 year - 5.5%
                            d. No interest before completion of 1 year.

iii) Repayment of interest on 6(six) months basis.
iv) Interest is payable in US Dollar. Interest and Principal amount are also repayable in Bangladesh Taka at the request of the purchaser of bonds.
v) Both Principal amount and interest are repatriable

Facilities of US Dollar Premium Bond :
i) Period : 3(three) years.
ii) Rate of interest : a. On completion of 3 years (full term) -7.5%
                            b. On completion of 2 years - 7%
                            c. On completion of 1 year - 6.5%
                            d. No interest before completion of 1 year.
iii) Repayment of interest on 6(six) months basis.
iv) Interest is payable in Bangladesh Taka only. Principal amount is also repayable in Bangladesh Taka at the request of the purchaser.
v) Death-risk-benefit for purchase of Premium Bonds at least USD.10,000/- at the first instance and increase investment subsequently will qualify for a free death-risk-benefit @15% to 25% on fulfillment of certain terms and conditions. Not exceeded Tk. 20,00,000/=
vi) Principal amount is repatriable.

Common facilities of both USD Investment and Premium Bonds:
i) Period : 3 years.
ii) Interest is payable on 6 months basis.
iii) Principal amount is repatriable abroad.
iv) Both interest and principal amount is income tax free in Bangladesh.
v) "CIP" facility to the purchaser of Bonds for USD.1,000,000/-(One million).
vi) Duplicate Bond will be issued in case of lost, stolen and destroy of original Bonds.
vii) Non-resident Bangladeshis may purchase Bonds for any amount in multiply of USD.500/-.

Special Information:
Investment in US Dollar Premium Bond and US Dollar Investment Bond is  more profitable than investment of funds abroad as rate of interest in these Bonds is higher with compare to other investments.
Expatriate Bangladeshis are requested to invest their hard-earned foreign currencies in 3 years US Dollar Premium Bond and US Dollar Investment Bonds.
For detail information, the expatriates may contact Bangladesh Embassy/High Commission/Consulate Office abroad or Janata Bank Limited Branches in Abu Dhabi(E-mail: jbadas@emirates.net.ae), Dubai (E-mail jbdxbb@emirates.net.ae), Sharjah(E-mail: jbshj@emirates.net.ae), Al-Ain(E-mail: jbaln@emirates.net.ae) in UAE and Janata Exchange Company s.r.l.Italy(E-mail:janataexchange@libero.it) or at the address stated below.

The Deputy General Manager  
Overseas Banking Department
Janata Bank Limited, Head Office,  
110, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh  
Phone : (88-02) 956 6442, (88-02) 956 6443
Fax : (88-02) 956 4644  
E-mail : id-obd@janatabank-bd.com 


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